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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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district itself to the facade is of a quiet the type of building gets broken down into a 25 block along that area and think the idea of that reflecting facade gets to reflect the park and other things around it. >> thank you, sir. >> is that it. >> we may have further questions. >> we may have further floor plans and things like that. >> thank you. >> okay open this up to public comment i have speaker cards (calling names). >> commissioners i'm father ray
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the pass take care of st. agnes parish there are two points i'd like to make first of all we've had our wonderful partnership with urban school for the last 20 years i've been par for 5 years extraordinarily cooperative and on my part i've found the students i was in education for 31 years i've never found a more respectfully student bodies they're wonderful kids never an i am talking about in the 8 years anothers st. agnes and 5 years as pastor a very good working relationship i especially like this plan it is really a partnership of two nonprofits and when you consider a city like san francisco with the limitation of space i think
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this is wonderful that we two have worked well together we both bend from this us parking is also a problem for our services on sunday especially our 10:30 mass this will increase our parking by 50 percent so it will be a real benefit for us also increase our revenue from the rental and i think it will be good for the neighborhood you know the cars will be off the streets and in the garage so i see it as an expired partnership 12-hour period two institutions. >> next speaker come on up if i've called our name. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is cancel kera i'm a junior at the urban school of
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san francisco my grades currently representative on student government swlgs swmsz as well as a member on the volley ball team and you've heard, your honor, is a learning institution and everybody works together in the classroom to enhance each other's experiences from building robots and perfectly a ball shot advertised not just about learning but growing excuse me. everyday we sit occupied up on page 3 in the urban spirit we ask you all to help us to continue to grow we foster our needs from touns to 845 for me more than 60 percent of our student body as athletes we see
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commit to commissioner sako e playing sport some of us working on and passion and urban athletics is a fundamental part of our diversity and spirit what stand in the way of our deeper cultural is the lack of facilities women's volley ball games are not the most attended but the people that observe it our lack of seating the seating in the gym is thus alternating the results the game because sometimes your services hit the roof we're a full size court we can have a few more fans play the game an essential part of the thriving community is the classmate have teachers and coaches and parents all games take place away from our campus
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thus limiting our camaraderie thus i believe in order for a school to grow to accomplish the growing it is vital for our campus to expand we are to play in many locations you can help us to keep our community close and continue to shape our bonds thank you you consideration. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is harry i'm a senior at the urban school of san francisco i run cross country and track and field have participated in a number of school theatre performs and senior representatives on the board of trustees recently we've suffered from a crowding problem two
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weeks ago we had to take our test in the student center of the cafe we were in one of the smaller classrooms and didn't have enough space when it comes to great meetings there are only two to three spaces that are large enough to house a considerable portion of the school this problem of needing more classrooms and viable meeting spaces for large groups of people is why we need a new building this problem of crowding is especially try when it comes to theatre in every one of those programs there's a serious overcrowding people are described together by also an numerous way people are turned away at the door a
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popular theatre annual performance in which students perform personal monologues has been sold-out in 4 days or less phase 2 of the campus expansion is into a theatre not only what a would a full-size theatre allow 80 us to have a fostering of city hall community for everyone involved and this is exactly with the north campus expansion does thank you for your time and attention. >> good afternoon. i'm jackson a junior at the urban school of inform i'm a member of europeans on the
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sport team i came to urban looking for a place to grow and t i came for a place to share any thoughts to pursue my interests for some many students from the san francisco bay area urban mroidz provides so place to grow in society urban oak street compromises is a wonderful place i'm the leader of students of color and as well as a member of urban young men's group and the white vigil awareness and expand the borders will allows us for the whole school to participate those clubs are a key part of students learning and development i'm a musician i
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play many instrument and in a jazz band and oak street will although my classmates to show off what we are doing in the jazz room this space will allow upper to grow and expand and in its numbers and allow more students to learn and grow to listen and share to attend thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is nike i'm a senior at the urban school i'm involved in a number of activities including the yearbook and volley ball team and the multi ig9ic club the latter two are clubs are important to my time in the
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high school i think it is symbolic of what your community stand for i'm glad to have an opportunity to educate beyond science this is why expanding the campus and role number would be a benefit urban social awareness it is important for example a couple of weeks ago and this week a few classes have been replaced where faculty opens up the dialog when we started urban each freshmen is supposed to focus on the race and gender, etc. another example recently our g s a gender sex all alliance was there to discuss gender we're wrapping
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our annual of understanding during this month we'll have forms where the whole school can talk about diversity with that said the intention everyone will get involved we don't have the space month foufrmdz have suffered from crowding it probable causes students from attending foufrmz as you can see it takes steps to be round in a greater society it has widespread understanding of audios and on dialog that's special that's why the opportunity to expand is important we'll be able to enroll more applicant and provide more payable education to more students by expanding the schools facilities will help
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to have an excellent education for everyone thank you, your honor thank you for your time and attention. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm abigail i'm a junior at the urban school i started police vehicle parking garage the harp and for the last fenway 10 years i know i want to pursue a career in music i was torn to having private lessons or go to urban to continue to study academics i'm happy to say i was per squatted to go to urban to prepare me for the future urban has been incredibly supportive of my vision and inspired a passion for academics as much as i adore being a
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student the harp is an extremely large instrument and it weeks ago about one hundred pounds so over the last 2 1/2 years i've played and it takes including the copy room and several of my teachers classrooms current campus is two small to accommodate the programs and opportunities for students in, your honor, is 2k3wr57b9d permission to expand constitutes like myself who are committed to bringing their instrument will expand their use additionally with the expansion of the stheert we'll be able to strengthen our sties in the argument ashbury district this will gives students the opportunity to practice and bring the art to
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the neighborhood what's more important the north campus expansion the school will increase the number of students including but not limited to that means nor students to pursue in their wildest dreams thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm sam a sophomore at urban as you can see it means many things to many people to some a haven to competence our ability of those who consider sports from soccer to swimming and others like me see it as an opportunity applying for high school in san francisco is a stressfully
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process getting into the school that by itself suits me is crucial i was one amongst many eight graders finding a spot we heard the stories of kids that were there the amazing teachers and experiences your honor, was a school i said to go to you knew acceptance letter felt like a god sent the first day i knew i made the right decision i'm happyer than i hoped to be unfortunately, to find a way to enjoy learning has made all the difference it is important for all of us more than 6 hundred kids applied to urban and more and more are applying so others have the same opportunity and
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take another step as they move to the to the happiness and success the students will get the best education and be happy not many kids can say that will the schools they go to but your honor, can i hope there will be more space for other students in the future thank you for your time. >> thank you is there any public comment? okay public comment is closed. >> commissioner richards. >> i asked for the excuse me. this to be pulled off consent that is such a long time i visited the urban school and witnessed the offer crowding with the student conferences and i noticed folks that were meeting in the men's room it was
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incredible to see such a space for the students honestly it was like a run away giving them the gentleman said the students wanted to come and tell their story i wanted to make sure they came and i'm very, very expressed i think this is a great project it talks about the demolition in the 19th street 60s it is is symbol for the church and the urban school i think with upper it will grow with the appropriate facilities before i make a motion i want to say the pressure view were approving the number of students is that on the table today okay. i guess the question would be please. >> you would go through 3800 o
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to 4 hundred why not ask for more. >> (laughter). >> we've looked at it and building that 420 is the right number like i said we're overcrowded the students spoke to that there's enough space in oak street to relieve the overcrowding and accommodate more students. >> i make a motion to approve with conditions. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i think it's a wonderful project and having keechd my three children during grammar school i appreciate coaching without a gym when our in the semi dark and also when you deal with sport liken volley ball and the parish and the ceiling is low it makes it a different game it's important you know having a gym i think
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that high school is 84 feet your proposing 86 and this is wonderful and also the parking is going to affiliate some of the parking in the neighborhood this is a very tough neighborhood for anyone to park in the only thing i'll comment on i hope the architect can work with the starch to make sure that number one the signage is appropriate i think that commissioner moore may have some comments on that, too the signage is appropriate for the neighborhood and number two wherever possible the glazing is perhaps minimized a little bit on oak street with a more solid elements that are go conceptual with the
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neighborhood noted huge changes but the appearances of the building more respect for the wood framentd believes that are historically part of the neighborhood other than that it's a great project. >> commissioner moore. >> i think it's an amazing building and pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. great master plan so partially because it gives the opportunity to help the scott taylor's schts students get the 3 dimensional process and learning what it means to either be there or here no comment on the earth it is a significantly well building. >> i support the design and you know having a little bit of american people intimate knowledge of this school understanding the community that can be accommodated with this
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new project even during construction will allow a better community bond so i'm in supportive of that. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> take a 10 minute break. >> good afternoon again commissioner it's john ram to present the first of two hearings on the fiscal year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 budget i thought i'd start by talking through the issues i've raised at the last hearing and then keith martini will present the
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ways the budget changed since we met concern modifications on not to do a pull in year but esquires requests and keith will go over that you had several concerns i'll use the memo and obviously what's on our mind is the short-term rental program the commission raised this issue last week this week was the ferries week the alleviations took effect and we have geared off and i'll certainly if i say anything incredulously scott sanchez will talk about this because his team is responsible for this program from the budget i'll back up and is that this week the first week we've been if operation we've received as
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of many morning about 4 hundred and 25 phone calls related to the program scheduled 5 hundred appoint and continuing to receive phone calls at the rate of 40 to 50 a day much of that for information some of that for information and most is to make appointment to register for short-term rentals most from the staff most of people that come in are quality to do short-term rentals some not because in their not a full time resident of a unit that's one the requirements we have devoted in our proposal as of now we already have budget 3 full time positions to work on this program to administer it and for enforcement we have an interim that started this time to help
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with the full-time people we're going obviously getting a lot of phone calls and skerld appoint we've diverted other staff to help with the phone calls the question we don't flu imply know the answer is this enough you and others have raised the concerns the legislation krauld calls for a 6 month review with the controller's office who be analysis the fees from the program and to so we said if the fees are enough and have enough staff i'd like to suggest it's your call to approve that we wait until the 6 month mark to make the determination if we need more we are able to cover the costs of the program right now is it fair to say that the two year fooedz fees will not be enough
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to cover the staff we can cover it in the short-term but we need to know about the long-term whether it's current form or future larger group of people that do that i'll be happy to talk about that suddenly your concerns where we're staffing up to meet the volume of our projects there's a chart in our memo on the centennial page you see the volume there is 38 percent over the last 5 years the actual volume of cases we've staffed up 40 percent you have concerns as. >> appropriating pointed out your surprised no increase in the proposed year but what this is showing and other information
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showing that the current planning staff has been staffing up we felt that particular group was an appropriate staffing level their city hiring people we feel as that the proposal you have in front of the you give us the appropriate staffing levy to address the demand if we meet other changes i want to talk about efficiency changes and one the small project team we've talked about that team has been set up for about 3 months and has worked quite well as you can see in your memo will one hundred and thirty permits and 53 other permits have been completed in the item and before this team was set up those were in a cue of stacks in the planning decks we pulled those out to get them approved it's a
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good i think this is a good model we have other types of reviews that don't require a lot of time but get a lot in number the environmental planning staff has done great work in reducing the amount of work inform the planning exemptions with the adaptation 69 major area plans that is the most common type of ceqa review we do so long to be consistent of the zoning otherwise covered by an eir so the times that it takes to do a community exemption has been reduced freeing up staff 7, 8, 9 and moving project along quickly and the permit project tracking system has been n in place for 4 months not alive on dbi we've
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not realized the efficiency but go live over the next three or four 40s months it allows the public component so it the public will have greater access to information and great access about each facing phase of a project that alone will help the staff time in anticipating reducing did phone calls and requests to the department so with that, i'm going to turn it over to keith to allow you to run over the changes of the budget relatively small changes since the last time we met if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm keith martini the it managing for the planning department i'm going to talk about the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 proposes to the budget
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from the last two weeks ago here's the agenda i've made copies of the presentations to ourselves as well as to the members of the public if they want to follow along. >> so first, this pie chart represents the full-time or fte staff allocation across the 5 divisions in the planning department overall the fte count is accepted expected to increase by 14.4 from 2015-2016 in the current fiscal year the budgeted 2015-2016 fte count is 219.7 ftes that includes the position in our current budget and as well as to me staff and the additional requests we're making for a this upcoming budget cycle it shows the restriction and the details work program and in the
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next slide the allocation across the 5 divisions right here so the only changes we've made to the fte includes the extension of 3 limit term extensions in the citywide and planning prerogatives into the fiscal year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 they are term of expiration in the current year but we've extended the terms to continue to work on the priority projects and reducing the backlog only thing not able is going forward we previously planned on adding new positions in the appropriation year, however, to go ahead and add those positions into the 2016-2017 year going forward director ram went into detail about the memo as well as the information in regards to our volume and workload and


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